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Papers Published in Peer Reviewed Journal   


[1] Hou, C.*, Lu, H., Tang, F. W., Zhao, Z., Huang, X. T., Han, T. L., Song, X. Y.*, Nie Z. R: “Mechanical performance of hierarchically nanostructured W-Cu composite produced by mediating phase separation”, Eng., 2022, accepted.

[2] Zhao, Z.*, Shan, Y. P., Wang, H. B., Lu, H., Liu, X. M., Wang, B. W., Song, X. Y.*: “Sustainable Cement-Free Soil Stabilization via a Mussel Mimicry, Water-Resistant Hydrogel”, Chem. Mater., 2022, in press. DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.2c02350.

[3] Wang, H. B.*, Tang, F. W., Chen, J. H., Xing, M., Liu, X. M., Song, X. Y.*: “Corrosion behavior of WC- η coatings in molten zinc”, Corros. Sci., 2022, 199, 110192.

[4] Han, T. L., Hou, C., Zhao, Z., Huang, X. T., Tang, F. W., Li, Y. R., Song, X. Y.*: “W-Cu composites with excellent comprehensive properties”, Compos. Part B: Eng., 2022, 233, 109664.

[5] Luo, J. Y., Hou, C.*, Tang, F. W., Han, T. L., Li, Y. R., Luan, J. H., Jiao, Z. B., Song, X. Y.*, Nie, Z. R.: “Strengthening nanocrystalline immiscible bimetallic composite by high-entropy effect”, Compos. Part B: Eng., 2022, 243, 110127.

[6] Hu, H. X., Liu, X. M. *, Chen, J. H., Lu H., Liu, C., Wang, H. B., Luan, J. H., Jiao, Z. B., Liu Y., Song, X. Y.*: “High-temperature mechanical behavior of ultra-coarse cemented carbide with grain strengthening”, J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 2022, 104, 8-18.

[7] Zhao, Z.*, Tang, F., Hou, C., Huang, X., Song, X. Y.*: “Uncover the mystery of interfacial interactions in immiscible composites by spectroscopic microscopy: a case study with W-Cu”, J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 2022, 126, 106-115.

[8] Zhang, Q., Tang, F. W.*, Zhao, Z., Nie, Z. R.,Song, X. Y.*: “Surface modification of tungsten oxide by oxygen vacancies for hydrogen adsorption”, J. Mater. Sci. Technol.,    2022, 117, 23-35.

[9] Xing M., Wang H.B.,*, Zhao Z., Lu H., Liu C., Lin L.L., Wang M.S., Song, X. Y.*: “Additive manufacturing of cemented carbides inserts with high mechanical performance”, Mater. Sci. Eng. A, 2022, 861, 144350.

[10] Chen, J. H., Lu, H.*, Wang, H. B., Tang, F. W., Liu, X. M., Song, X. Y.*: “Stress–strain behaviors of cermets with various binder contents and residual thermal stress states”, Mater. Sci. Eng. A, 2022, 842, 143101.

[11] Guo, K., Lu, H., Xu, G. J., Liu, D., Wang, H. B., Liu, X. M., Song, X. Y.*: “Recent progress in nanocrystalline Sm-Co based magnets”, Mater. Today Chem., 2022, 25, 100983.

[12] Zhang, S. Q., Tang, F. W., Song, X. Y., Zhang, X. P.*: “Structural phase transitions and Raman identifications of the layered van der Waals magnet CrI2”, Phys. Rew. B, 2022, 105, 104105.

[13] Luo, L., Lu, H.*, Liu, X. M., Wang, H. B., Liu, C., Wang, M. S., Song, X. Y.*: “Distinguishing contributions of metal binder and ceramic phase to mechanical performance of cermets at different temperatures”, J. Alloy Compd., 2022, 926, 166874.

[14] Xing, M., Wang, H. B.*, Zhao, Z.*, Zhang, Y. Y., Lou, H. Z., Liu, C., Wang, M. S., Song, X. Y.*: “SLM printing of cermet powders: Inhomogeneity from atomic scale to  microstructure”, Ceram. Int., 2022, 48, 29892–29899.

[15] Chen, J. H., Liu, X. M.*, Lu, H., Wang, H. B., Song, X. Y.*: “Dependence of residual thermal stress in cermets on the sintering technique”, Ceram. Int., 2022, in press.

[16] Liu, X. M.*, Liang Z. T., Wang, H. B., Zhao Z., Liu, C., Lu, H., Song, X. Y.*: “Wear resistance of ultra-coarse WC-WCoB-Co cemented carbide at different oxidation stages”, Int. J. Refract. Met. Hard Mater., 2022, 105, 105827.

[17] Guo, K., Lu, H.*, Zhao, Z., Tang, F. W., Wang, H. B., Song, X. Y.*: “Magnetic performance oriented composition design of Sm-Co based alloys by machine learning and experimental studies”, Comp. Mater. Sci., 2022, 205, 111232

[18] Xu, G. J., Lu, H.*, Guo, K., Tang, F. W., Song, X. Y.*: “Predictions on the phase constitution of SmCo7-XMx alloys by data mining”, Nanomaterials, 2022, 12, 1452-1467.

[19] Chen, X. A., Zhang, J. Y., Xiao, W. Q., Song, X. Y.: “Two new rare-earth borates Sr2Tb3B27−δO46 and Ba2Eu3B27−δO46 (δ = 2/3): syntheses, crystal structures, and luminescence properties”, Dalton Trans., 2022, 51, 6299-6313.

[20] Chen, X. A., Bian, R. R., Xiao, W. Q., Song, X. Y.: “A new rare-earth oxyborate Ba3BiPbEuO(BO3)4 and luminescent properties of the Ba3BiPbY1-xEuxO(BO3)phosphors”, Dalton Trans., 2022, 51(24), 9454-9466.

[21] Bian, R. R, Chen, X. A., Xiao, W. Q., Song, X. Y..: “Two new rare-earth orthoborates Ba2CdLn2(BO3)4 (Ln = Tb, Eu) and multicolor tunable emission in the Ba2CdTb2-2xEu2x(BO3)4(0≤x≤0.2) phosphors”, J. Lumin., 2022, 242, 118545.

[22] 毛斐,唐法威,吕皓,郭凯,刘东,宋晓艳*:“主族元素掺杂对SmCo5合金结构和磁性能影响的计算研究”,稀有金属材料与工程2022, 51(2), 536-544.

[23] 赵治*, 王悦, 田坤卉, 单宇鹏,宋晓艳*: 高分子辅助金属沉积研究进展中国材料进展2022, 41(8): 589-600.

[24] 娄鹤子, 王海滨*, 刘雪梅, 吕皓, 刘超, 林亮亮, 王明胜, 宋晓艳*: “WC–Co硬质合金摩擦磨损行为的分子动力学模拟粉末冶金技术, 2022, 40(5): 471-478.      

[25]   王晨, 刘雪梅*, 吕皓, 宋晓艳*: “含添加剂形成相硬质合金的制备及界面结合强度评估”,   中国体视学与图像分析. 2022, 27(1): 1-8. (封面文章)      

[26] 王悦,赵治*,陈健,王海滨,韩铁龙,单宇鹏,刘雪梅,宋晓艳*: “有机粘结剂状态对硬质合金增材制造的影响”,中国体视学与图像分析.2022, 26(2): 146-155.

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